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Why choose us?

Govind & company commenced its operation in 1993 in construction technology.Gaining significant experience in the industry and following the construction trends in the country's commercial space within a short of time, we have built many buildings at various locations in Kerala representing a wide variety of structures and virtually every type of industrial,commercial and warehouse buildings.

We have a specialized workforce of welders, fabricators and erection experts who are adept with enhancing speed and high quality in their profession. Timely completion and professional execution are the hall mark of the company.Our clients have confidence in our ability to meet their expectation without compromising on quality. Our directors are professionally qualified with years of experience in the construction industry. We have a qualified engineering team and an experienced work force.

We build using quality materials and follow all the necessary codes.Non destructive testing is carried out on a regular basis to ensure we do not compromise on quality.

Remarkable Features Of Our Materials :-
  1. High rigidity & stiffness.
  2. Fixed over any span, allows flexibility in design and reduction in the number of columns.
  3. Weight per unit area is less and gives a pleasant outlook.
  4. Elements are demountable and reusable.
  5. Gives realistic designs at affordable rates.

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